Website Management

We recognise that our clients products and services will change overtime, therefore requiring regular or sporadic updates to the website. That’s why, at the end of the project build, we hand over a fully operational website meeting their criteria. There’s one key difference though that sets us apart from web developers: the sites we build can easily be edited with new information by the client. If they need to make any quick alterations to course dates, product information or service charges, they can do so immediately.

Of course, for some of our customer’s, they’re too busy to do this and would rather have a qualified, reliable partner managing changes on their behalf. Dynamize Marketing offers a website management service whereby we’re able to make any necessary changes as and when requested. Maybe you need a blog writing and posting with full SEO activity completed? Perhaps the design of a page needs changes to cater for a new service you’ve recently introduced? We’re on-hand to get it done.

Changes often have to be made to a website at short notice, especially if they’re time-sensitive (such as dates for a new course for example). We recognise this and will do everything possible to get your change request actioned quickly and effectively. Collaboration is central to our ethos and we value working closely with our customers. Therefore, from the very beginning we’ll put in place a Service Level Agreement (SLA) so that both parties meet expectations.

Our website management service is not just focused on content changes either. We’ll regularly view the performance of the site, troubleshooting any issues and finding a solution. This proactive approach also identifies any areas for improvement such as site speed and keyword optimisation.

Contact us today for more information on our website management services and how we can help keep your website up-to-date.