Social Media Advertising

Did you know that the organic reach of your accounts on social media has decreased? Not through any fault of your own, but as a result of the platforms themselves. When they realised that they had a huge audience in the palm of their hand, the likes of Facebook quickly moved to a pay-to-play model for brands. In fact, the average reach of an organic page post now hovers at around 5.20%. That’s a staggering one in nineteen of your account’s fans actually seeing your content in the first place. How can you impact this? Social media adverts.

From 2020, the global spend on social media advertising is set to increase by 20% to an incredible £43 billion. More brands than ever are using the likes of Twitter, Youtube and LinkedIn to increase the reach of their paid search campaigns, opening up the doors to new customers and prospects in the process. It’s an ideal opportunity to increase the visibility of your brand and position your business in front of users you may have been unable to reach before.

Dynamize Marketing has a proven record in driving successful social media advertising campaigns for our clients, positioning them in front of exactly the right customers they’re looking to attract. Our success has come from collaborating closely with our clients to understand their business objectives and how we can tailor a social advertising strategy to meet them. We use a host of analytical tools to identify the best methods to reach and engage with your target audience; whether that’s business-to-business, business-to-customer or a mixture of both. From here, we’ll create relevant, engaging content that will drive results and ensure your paid social budget is being maximised fully.

For example, we recently undertook a similar project with one of our retail clients. Upon receiving our detailed insight on the market, they made the decision to make an investment of £500 (£200 on social media advertising and a £300 campaign fee). Having done the due diligence and market analysis, we were able to deliver a return of £16,075. That’s a staggering 3,115% return on investment.

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