Marketing Strategy

There’s much more to marketing than flashy social media campaigns and slick branding. It’s an all-encompassing discipline at the heart of any successful business. A marketing strategy determines the core purpose of your company, who you’re looking to target and how you can position your brand in front of your customers. This all combines into a multi-pronged approach with numerous routes to market.

We’re a team of highly qualified marketers who have built extensive hands-on experience as well as obtaining qualifications from the Chartered Institute of Marketing. We’re well adept at taking a deep-dive into a company’s business strategy, often devising game changing solutions and ideas. Led by our CMO and Chartered Marketer, Rebecca Baker, we’re able to provide our customers with detailed, comprehensive marketing strategies that can elevate them to the next level.


A marketing audit is the first step in the process of strategic marketing planning. Our team will analyse your company’s existing activities and the market you serve. We’ll undertake a number of exercises including a full SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities & threats), highlighting key areas both internally and externally. Why do we do this? Simple. Without an audit, it’s difficult to ascertain how successful your existing marketing activity is. We won’t change something that is working for the sake of change, but we will change things that need improving.

Many marketing agencies fail to take this critical step, although without it they are setting themselves up to fail. Even if you choose not to work with Dynamize Marketing, we highly recommend insisting that your chosen marketing partner conduct a thorough audit. It’ll make a big difference between receiving a high-quality service and a poor one.

Dynamize Marketing is currently offering free marketing audits for prospective clients. Carried out by a qualified marketing expert, these audits look at the strengths and weaknesses of  your current marketing activity. They also demonstrate where our business would be able to add value.


The reason we complete a marketing strategy is to help our clients understand the continuously changing market. This enables them to subsequently build a competitive advantage. Furthermore, it also helps them to maximise opportunities to develop products and services that deliver both customer value and high-profit potential.

Dynamize Marketing works to a structure when conducting this strategic exercise called SOSTAC. It is an acronym for situation, objectives, strategy, tactics, action and control; all of which are Smith’s six fundamental facets of marketing. This strategy also combines the key elements of marketing that businesses need to consider for growth – segmentation, targeting and positioning (STP). As mentioned earlier, this goes above and beyond activities such as social media and websites; it really delves into the core purpose of the business, who you’re looking to target and how we can position you in front of your customers. The strategies we build seek to develop your market knowledge and the insight required to deliver real value to your customer. 

The team at Dynamize Marketing have a wealth of expertise when it comes to strategic marketing planning. Rebecca herself has developed strategic marketing plans for both local SME’s and international businesses turning over up to £66m. For us, the process is no different whether you’re a start-up, an SME or a corporate. If a business wants to grow and capitalise on opportunities, then the best way to do this is with a comprehensive marketing strategy.