Press Releases

When you think of a press release, you naturally think of a company releasing news about a new product, service or achievement out to the wider public domain. However, they’re much more than that. They’re a great branding tool, reinforcing your credibility in the market and drawing the spotlight onto your company.

Our content creation team here at Dynamize Marketing have a wealth of experience writing and releasing press releases. We know the importance of getting them right and the associated benefits they can bring. For this reason, we always collaborate closely with our client, determining who their audience is and who we’re writing for. Of course, this also involves ensuring we have all of the facts we need, consulting with our customer and requesting further information where appropriate.

You can rest assured that your press release will be written by a qualified professional who understands how to write them and maximise the opportunity to get published in the local print media. Many editors will reject a press release if it does not contain the proper grammar, spelling and style required.

Why not release it online? Draw on the expertise of our marketing team to maximise exposure across multiple platforms. We’ll format your piece for release on your website, incorporating imagery and search engine optimisation (SEO) techniques to maximise its visibility across the internet. From there, we’ll consult on how best to share it via multiple platforms on social media, driving traffic to your site and boosting the opportunity to turn leads into conversions.

The humble press release is still an essential part of any marketing strategy, leveraging both modern and traditional forms of media to the advantage of your business. 

Contact us today at Dynamize Marketing to discuss how we can maximise the benefits of this medium for your company.