Bids & Proposals

Are you in the process of bidding for a major contract? Do you feel like you need a little bit of extra quality to get it over the line? Our team at Dynamize Marketing have a proven record assisting our clients on major bids and proposals. Both prior to the formation of our company and indeed during its existence, we’ve prepared successful bids ranging in values of up to £26,000,000.

In our experience, a high-quality, triumphant tender has always been the result of close collaboration with the client. It’s absolutely critical that both parties are aligned on what you want to propose and how it is presented. From the very beginning, we’ll sit down to understand the criteria for the bid, allocating time against a defined plan to meet the deadline. We’ll also map out with you who the stakeholders are in the project and where they need to be involved.

For example, a manufacturing company would need input from their design, procurement and operations teams. Clearly, timekeeping is of the essence with both parties working to agreed timeframes. That way, any changes can be made accordingly, ensuring the finished article is ready for the submission deadline.

We’ve collaborated with our customers on countless tenders across a range of industries including event security, engineering and crowd safety. For us, no matter what the industry is, the core principles remain the same.

We’re dedicated to providing our clients with a world-class proposal built on teamwork and attention-to-detail. It’s this attitude to bids and proposals that has been a contributing factor to Dynamize Marketing developing a reputation for integrated marketing solutions. Indeed, not many marketing agencies offer it.

Bids & Proposals
Rebecca Baker, CMO at Dynamize Marketing

We’re proud to differentiate ourselves from the competition with services such as this. If you have some major bids and proposals coming up and would like to know how we can add value, contact us today for more information.