What Is Digital Marketing And What Is Its Purpose?

Marketing is a dynamic and constantly evolving world. You have to keep up-to-date with trends and what’s new in order to stay on top of your game. Digital marketing is becoming ever more prominent and businesses are seeing the positive impacts it brings. We talk a lot about the different types of marketing and what they do but, without that deeper in depth understanding of digital marketing, it is extremely hard to know where your business should start. Therefore, what is digital marketing and what is its purpose?

An insight into digital marketing

Digital marketing is the promotion of brands to connect with potential customers using the internet and other forms of digital communication. This includes advertising delivered via digital channels such as search engines, websites, social media, email and mobile applications. Digital marketing has started to take over the more traditional types of marketing – despite these still being effective tools to use – and is not stopping any time soon. With over 4.3 billion users on the web, you can understand why your business needs an online presence. Combine that with the fact that 2 billions those people are in fact online shoppers and it’s obvious. If you are looking to sell your product or service, then it is going to be a struggle without the use of digital marketing.

what is digital marketing and what is its purpose?

To put it simply, if you see someone’s marketing campaign involving digital communication, it’s digital marketing. The possibilities with this form of marketing are endless. With the powerful combined forces of both the internet and today’s technology, digital marketers are also able to collect and analyse data from different customer behaviour or user engagements.  

The role of digital marketing for your business

First things first, we need to establish that digital marketing plays one of the most important roles in getting your business noticed and driving traffic to your site. Digital marketing gives opportunities to all kinds of businesses; it doesn’t matter whether you are a big or small company, you can highly benefit from digital marketing – budget or no budget. The overall role of digital marketing is to help you attract new traffic, leads and sales for your business. It is a form of marketing that lets you reach a much bigger audience than perhaps traditional marketing methods could before. It also allows you to target the prospects who are most likely to buy your product or service. 

If you want your company to be on top and competitive as a business then I am going to let you in on a crucial piece of advice – you need to embrace the important aspects of digital marketing. It is able to open up far more possibilities for you and is ultimately the most vital thing for both your business and your brand awareness. 

The benefits of digital marketing

There are a host of different reasons why digital marketing is something you need to incorporate into your marketing strategy. 


Every business owner’s favourite word. Using digital marketing is much more affordable than using traditional methods. One of the great things about using social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin is that you can sign up to them all for free. This then enables you to explore all the platforms and decide what is going to work the best. You won’t have to worry about doing anything like printing leaflets or flyers for your business as it is all presented online. This saves money and an awful lot of time. 

The great thing about digital marketing is that you are the one in control. You can be as specific as you like regarding where you are spending your money and using this type of strategy allows you to continuously pivot, ensuring you are never wasting money on channels that simply aren’t performing well. 

Extremely measurable

As a business it is important to understand what works for you and what doesn’t. You want to know exactly what you are doing well and how it is driving traffic to your site. Digital marketing gives you the ability to accurately track your results and see how things are performing. Each type of campaign used will have some form of tracking system; from social media to search engine optimisation, you will easily be able to track the results of your campaigns.

You will be able to measure impressions, clicks, comments, shares and conversions – so yes, everything a business needs an insight into in order to succeed. Tracking your results is going to lead to improvements which will then help you get more out of your budget.

Helps you outrank bigger players

Competition. You are going to find it within every single industry. Without it you wouldn’t be striving to do better. The thought of having bigger companies against you can be daunting. One of the great things about digital marketing is that there are plenty of opportunities for your business to outrank the ‘big players’; you can simply do this through strategic digital marketing initiatives. One thing to remember as a business is that search engines do not care who has the bigger brand or who has the biggest budget; they prioritise the content that resonates best with the target audience.

So, ultimately you don’t need to break the bank to be the best. Focus on creating high-quality content that answers people’s questions. Money isn’t the only factor that matters when determining where you rank; it’s the use of things such as keywords, updated content and publishing relevant content.


Without engagement your business is going to struggle, it is as simple as that. Luckily, digital marketing is a highly engaging medium to use. As every action by visitors is measured, it means that you have the ability to create more engaging content and advertising to boost your sales and brand awareness – ensuring that you keep your target audience engaged. With more engagement comes more loyal customers and increased repeat business. 

If your business has interesting and engaging content then this is a sure-fire-way to ensure that you are creating a more wholesome online brand. It also means that you are going to have an easier time turning cold traffic into loyal customers – win win. We think it is safe to say that without digital marketing,you may well struggle. It has a host of different benefits and it is important to understand the newest trends to ensure you can always stay on top. Social media, video footage and other forms of digital marketing will help you get there. 

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