What Are The Different Types Of Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing has become one of the most popular ways to market your business. There are so many different options that you can incorporate it into your marketing strategy to enable you to drive more traffic to your website, build an online presence and engage with your target audience. One of the biggest reasons that digital marketing has become so important is due to the engagement that it brings to your business. So, what are the different types of digital marketing? 

Mobile marketing

In this generation there aren’t many people who do not own some form of mobile phone. We are constantly finding ourselves scrolling, texting or shopping on them. For digital marketing purposes, this is a benefit. The time we spend on our mobile phones is constantly increasing. When you come across a business, it is most likely through an advert on your phone, whether that’s on social media, a website or through an email. As time has gone on, businesses have adapted to this new way of life; apps and other services are now made to cater mobile devices. For example, places like Amazon now make it possible to purchase things through your phone. Search engines are also altering their algorithms to give higher preferences to mobile-friendly sites. 

Email marketing

what are the different types of digital marketing

Can you think of anyone who does not have an email address? In fact, most of us have more than one. It is said that 34% of people worldwide use email – that is about 2.5 billion people. Email marketing is a vibrant and powerful way for your business to connect with people. You may hear the word email and instantly think spam. Yes occasionally we get that one random email that makes you roll your eyes, however it doesn’t have to be like this. You can use it to thoughtfully build loyalty and trust in your brand. One of the most important parts is that you can tailor your emails to your customers actions; this means you are communicating relevant things to them – which is exactly what they want. 

With so many people using email, it allows business owners to reach a large number of consumers at a rate of nearly nothing per message. When it comes to opening an email everyone is trained to do something, whether you reply, forward, click-through, sign-up or even go straight to buying something, that email has made an impact. To put it simply, email marketing is easy, effective and inexpensive. 

Pay per click (PPC)

This is an extremely important and effective strategy within digital marketing. It is widely considered to be one of the most successful forms of online advertising and is a way to market and gain higher visibility on search engines such as Google. Pay per click (PPC) contributes to your business and marketing goals, supporting many parts of the sales funnel. This type of marketing is an excellent choice as it is measurable and trackable. Statistics are readily available and show how your campaigns are performing and what kind of traffic and results they drive for your budget. It is said that PPC visitors are 50% more likely to make a purchase than organic visitors. One of the great parts to this is that it works well with other marketing channels; for example, PPC works well with SEO as the impressions and opportunities for traffic are often to the same audience. By using this ubiquitous style in your marketing strategy, you will be achieving quick results and reliable returns.


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the most integral part of digital marketing. To put SEO in a simple context, it is responsible to take your website visibility to a higher position and keep you above all your competitors. It is a technique to collect user traffic on a website and is an effective way for companies to target various audiences. Yes, SEO results do take time, so patience is key with this factor. However a high quality strategy will eventually deliver an impressive return on investment (ROI). There are endless benefits when you use SEO effectively. This includes that it provides 24/7 promotions even after your work hours are over. Rankings received through SEO are constantly promoting your website. This aspect in marketing is unique; it allows your business to reach users while they’re searching for you and not just by accident on a billboard. SEO targets the entire marketing funnel. Content marketing, driven by SEO, includes a variety of content types which target all the stages. Search engines offer a close rate of 14.6% which is nearly 12% greater than traditional marketing. When it comes to SEO your business will increase its website visibility, user traffic, conversion rates and ROI. 

Social media 

There are 45 million social media users making it become one of the most important aspects within digital marketing. We use social media all the time. Whether it is Twitter, Instagram or  Facebook, all of us spend time endlessly scrolling through posts, tweets and pictures. It allows a business to reach millions of customers worldwide. Social media is an extremely cost-effective solution. When it comes to the different platforms, it is fairly easy to sign up and create an account for free. This means that you can hold a larger budget for your other marketing and business payments. 

It is said that successful brands tend to have a healthy social media presence. When you are looking for a person or company, you tend to head straight for social media and type in on there to see what you can find; having a strong platform makes it easy for customers to find and connect with you. You are then able to engage and interact with them on a personal level. 

Social media links to other parts of your business, not just the platform you are using. For example, it is great for increasing your website traffic because you can use things like links to send your customers to a specific landing page. By sharing your posts on social media, you are providing users with a click through to the website where they can get more information. Remember the better your quality of posts, the more inbound traffic you will generate while making conversion opportunities. So ultimately when it comes to social media, it will help you connect with customers, increase your brand awareness and boost your leads and sales.

what are the different types of digital marketing

We started with the question of ‘what are the different types of digital marketing?’ It is easy to see from the select few above that there are many different options that you can choose for your business. Your ultimate goal when creating a marketing strategy is to ensure your business is benefiting from whatever you are using. As a business you should be striving for more engagement with your customers and driving traffic to your website. 

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