Content Packages

We produce great content, delivered straight to your inbox, ready for you to use.

One of the most challenging parts of managing social media is finding content to share with your followers. If you’re in charge of creating bespoke content, this can be even more challenging!

The content you share across your platforms needs to do quite a few things. It needs to be informative, relevant, helpful and consistent – all while considering the type of audience you are trying to attract.

Instead of producing endless streams of self-promotion, you need to apply the 1 in 4 rule. That’s one self-promotion for every four pieces of content. What you need to focus on is helping your audience solve their problems in an entertaining and insightful way.

Some businesses excel at creating great content, while others have no idea what to do – this is where our content packages come in. If you’re great with using social media, it provides a hassle-free solution for your business.

Tell me more about these content packages…

Content packages consist of pre-created static posts, videos and copy you can push out across your social media platforms. These packages contain several predetermined promotions and posts depending upon how much content you require.

You may wish to start the week with a #mondaymotivation post and ride on the back of the hashtags that appear every week. You may want to celebrate holidays and social calendar events. There is also an option for the creation of specific promotions and images to share.

We create our designs in a range of sizes and formats, all to suit your needs. All designs, videos and posts are supplied to fit in perfectly with your brand. They look professional and dynamic.

Are the packages expensive?

Not at all. It’s surprisingly cost-effective.

Prices start at £100 per month (over six months) for our smallest package. All packages are created to order and will be sent in one go allowing you to plan your social schedule accordingly.

We aim to be as flexible as possible, enabling you to maximise your exposure. We’re also happy to provide input based on our experience with previous clients.

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